How To Register Google Navlekha 2019

Learn About Google Navlekha: Understanding the importance of regional languages in India, Google has announced a new program which has been launched in India to bring offline content to online newspapers and magazines.

Google Navlekha To Enhance Online Traffic For Indian Publishers

In the fourth ‘Google for India’ event, Google launched Project Navlekha – a new initiative to bring India’s 135,000 Indic language publishers to hassle-free online. Google is launching Google Navlekha to help publishers in India and bring more Indian languages content online.

Google Navlekha is a new way to write, which will allow local publishers to do their work online, who do not have a website to publish their offline content for less than a minute to publish online. They can simply scan their Documents or PDFs and create web pages immediately on the platform. In this process, no specialist needs digital knowledge, Google says.

What Will Benefit From Google Navlekha?

Google Navlekha Project

Compared to English content in India, Hindi content and online content of other Indian languages are very less, which is a big problem. This project will be very useful for those publishers of Hindi and Regional languages, who want to bring their written material online, but because of not having a website, they can not do it. Google will provide Free Web Hosting and Domain name free for Publishers so that Publisher publishes your content online for free.

Google will also pay you money from Google Ads, which will also benefit you, and your content will also publish online. With the help of Google’s project, Publishers can easily publish their content online, and they do not need much technical knowledge to do so, they can easily publish their content.

How To Register Google Navlekha

To register for Navlekha, you have to go to Navlekha website and sign up there. There you can register for Google Navlekha by filling all your name, your publication name, E-mail ID, mobile number, your office/home address, and any information you want to write in.

So now you will understand what is Google Navlekha and how to use it. If you are a publisher, and you also want to bring your content online, then this is a great opportunity for you, if you do not understand what you think about Google Navlekha, then you are given a comment below. You can ask your question in the box, EnterHindi Team will definitely help you.

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