Fix Visual and Text Tab Missing in WordPress Post or Pages

Fix Visual and Text Tab Missing in WordPress: Friends We are going to tell you in today’s article. If you ever deleted the Visual and Text Editor tab in your WordPress Blog, then how do you fix it so that the options come back to your WordPress Blog?

Fix Visual and Text Tab Missing in WordPress Post or Pages

Friends, as you all know. Today almost all bloggers prefer to make their blog on WordPress itself. Due to SEO, Design, Facility etc. But if you are a beginner. And when you delete the Visual and Text tab from the posts and pages of your WordPress Blog, then it becomes a big problem for you.

Because without Visual Editor and Text Editor, you will not be able to customize your New Posts and Pages, so today we are going to tell you a very simple way in Fix Visual and Text Tab Missing in WordPress Article. By using which you will be able to bring the Visual Editor and the Text Editor Tabs back to your WordPress Blog, and be able to work easily on your WordPress Blog.

How to Fix Visual and Text Tabs in WordPress

Let’s talk now. Fixing Visual and Text Tab Missing in WordPress is so easy to solve it. You just have to follow steps from some basic steps.

Step 01. Login into your WordPress Blog

First you login to your WordPress Dashboard.

For which you write your domain in the browser and add a wp-admin word to it, which will open the WordPress Dashboard on your screen such as:

Suppose we have a login to our WordPress Dashboard. Then we will a login to your blog’s Dashboard through your Login Id and Password by writing, so you can also login to your WordPress Dashboard.

Step 02. Go to Your Profile Option

After logging in to the WordPress Dashboard you have to go to Your Profile’s Options. This option is given to you in the Users section (Left Sidebar). As you can see in the image given above.

Step 03. Un-tick “Disable the visual editor when writing” Option

Now on your screen a page will open like the above image, at the top of this page you will find Personal Options, which will be right next to Disable the visual editor when writing is written and a checkbox will be placed in front of it, Now if you see it there you will see Tick now, you can un-tick it.

Step 04. Update Profile

After doing this setting, you have to save the setting, for which you will come to the bottom by scrolling down the page, where you will get an option of Update Profile, click on that Update Profile button.

By which you will get Setting Save, and you will start Visual and Text tab Show in your Post and Pages.

In Conclusion

This way you can do Fix Visual and Text Tab Missing in WordPress. And you can put Visual and Text Tab on your WordPress Blog. Now if you have any problem in following these steps. So, please tell us in the Comment Box, so that we can assist you in your best possible way.

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