5 Main Mistakes You Buying A Domain Name

The domain name is the address of your blog or website on the Internet. This is www. And is written between .com, .in, .net or similar TLD (top level domain). For example – www.prayasup.com. When you tell someone about your blog or website, it asks you for its address. It shows how important the domain name is. Therefore, there should be no mistake while keeping the domain’s domain name. By using appropriate words related to your blog as a domain name, you can become the owner of a popular blog. Today in this article we will discuss how we can choose a right domain name for our blog.

5 Main Mistakes To Buy In The Domain Name

If you are going to buy a domain name, buy from BigRock (www.bigrock.in) because it does not take extra tax on the cost of the domain name like other companies. Also, to get a 10% discount on buying the domain name, use the coupon code techprevue.com and share it with your friends. This coupon code will give you a 25% discount on hosting.

Too Long Domain Names

Do not keep the domain name so long that readers will find it hard to remember. So choose the smallest available domain name available. Names of many nouns, adjectives and adverbs are already registered. But make sure you try a lot because many new TLDs such as .in, .me etc. have come in the market. Which means your desired domain name can be available with them. Always keep two or three words in the domain name. People easily remember small domain names. Long domain names, people cannot type properly and make mistakes, which limits the access of readers to your blog.

Using Strange Words In Domain Names

A very strange word seems interesting but can confuse readers. As the domain name of this blog is tech prevue, people often make errors in spelling of prevue and often ask for its spelling. So you avoid the mistake of buying this type of domain name. Now you will think that why we chose this domain again? The answer is – to set the blog as a brand. If you have any such wish, you can choose specific words as your blog’s domain name.

Using The Word Spam In The Domain Names

It can be a very heavy mistake. So before searching for domain names, check spam messages declared by search engines. Only buy the domain name after that

Using The Unfair Word In Domain Names

If you choose absurd words in the form of a domain name, then people start thinking about the reason. The words chosen for the domain name must always be consistent with the published content on the blog or displaying your personality.

Use Words In The Domain Names

If you are writing a blog about fun things you can buy a sprawling domain name. Otherwise, such domain names will affect the image you create as a thoughtful blogger. As you make your personality as a thoughtful blogger, the funny name does not show your personality clearly.


You must select a more related keyword as blog domain names. You should keep a blog name and domain name often. By doing so your readers will be able to easily remember your blog.

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